Business opportunity in Tallinn within waste management

The city of Tallinn is looking to adopt best practices and solutions.

CLEAN and its Norwegian Cluster partner OREEC have been awarded a project under the BSR innovation express. The project will create business opportunities within waste management in Tallinn for Norwegian and Danish SME’s. Tallinn represents a good example of a city that has rapidly transformed its waste management as per European specifications. The project will utilize the knowledge and experience amongst the cities of Fredericia (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia) and lay the foundation for co-creating sustainable waste management solutions in Tallinn. The project will establish new partnerships and provide new business opportunities for the involved stakeholders.

The project team will aim to establish the following by the end of the project:

  • A pilot waste management project in the city of Tallinn.
  • A self-sustaining framework / platform for future collaboration amongst the participating stakeholders.

A 2-day workshop and site visits is organized on 10 and 11 November 2015 in Tallinn, wherein the delegation will meet policy makers, technology providers and have site visits. This platform will include policymakers, technology / solution providers and researchers from the three cities.

Read more about the project in the project description.