Conference about “Waste-to-Energy in the Circular Economy”

The 21st – 22nd of October 2015, CLEAN will be hosting an international conference on the topic “What role does waste to energy have in the circular economy?”

The goal of the conference is to create a unique, high-level event, which brings together leading European experts, decision makers, technology and service providers from the Waste-to-Energy industries across Europe in dialogue about the future role of the sector.

Join the conference here, and register for workshops, site visits, and B2B meetings.

Participants at the conference have an amazing opportunity of networking with companies, experts and public sectors within the same industry.You will meet face-to-face with customers and new partners and initiate cross-border contacts and cooperations.

Furthermore the conference also includes workshops where participants can discuss specific issues relating to the role of waste-to-energy in a circular economy. These workshops enable knowledge sharing and interresting discussions among the participants.

The conference is organized in collaboration between CLEAN, DAKOFA (Waste and Resource Network Denmark) and Ramboll. In addition, the international partners come from Italy, Spain, Austria, Norway and Latvia.

The conference also serves as closing event of a three-year EU project called Coolweep focusing on Waste-to-Energy collaboration across selected European regions.

Meet the C40 network

We are happy to announce that the C40 network will join us at the evening event at BioMio!

Around 20 representatives from C40 cities all over the globe will join us for dinner and informal matchmaking after the end of the conference programme on the 21st of October. The C40 Climate Leadership Group is a network of leading global cities incl. New York, Copenhagen, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, and Stockholm. The C40 cities are committed to addressing climate change through collaboration and knowledge sharing between cities and – not least – with the private sector. The C40-participants are in Copenhagen during the same days as the Waste-to-Energy conference for their annual meeting.

The dinner will be a great chance to discuss waste management in urban contexts, as well as get an insight into the different approaches to waste management that the C40 cities have.

We look forward to welcoming you to BioMio for a great evening of entertainment, food, and informal matchmaking.

Read more about the conference here.