Barcelona Smart City Expo

The past two years, CLEAN have been the organizers of the Danish Pavilion at the Smart City expo, and this year we will do it again. The pavilion consists of 100 square meters, distributed among Danish companies, cities and knowledge institutions. Last year we had a broad range of exhibitioners such as Rambøll, the City of Copenhagen, Hitachi, Invest in Denmark, Copenhagen Capacity, TDC, and Leapcraft.

This year CLEAN is collaborating with the Innovation Network for Smart Energy (Inno-SE) to bring even more innovative companies to Barcelona, and display how well Denmark cooperates across sectors and networks to create a greener and smarter Denmark, thereby also attracting international attention to the Danish Smart City solutions.

If you are unable to exhibit at the Danish Pavilion, you can join the Danish network in Barcelona – Read more and sign up here.

Leading Smart City Expo in the world

Barcelona Smart City Expo & World Congress (SCEWC) is the leading Smart City expo in the world, showcasing innovative technology, products and solutions in the Smart City industry, and promoting business and ensuring an exchange of experiences. Last year the expo hosted 11.000 visitors, 275 companies in the field, 440 worldwide cities, and had more than 400 speakers.

The expo stretches over 3 days and is arranged by Fira de Barcelona – Barcelona’s trade fair institution and one of the most important in Europe. Every year, they organize numerous trade shows and congresses, which bring together leading companies from different economic sectors to showcase their new products, exchange experiences and promote business.

As a participater you will have:

  • 3 square meters exhibition stand
  • 1 exhibition package (2 tickets to the conference, 3 tickets to fair trade, 2 exhibition tickets)
  • Opportunities of networking and attending events arranged by CLEAN and Inno-SE

Hans Lindeman, Senior Vice President, Hitachi Convergence

“For Hitachi, the participation at the Danish Pavilion was a very positive experience with lots of international attention. We especially appreciated the enhancement of the Danish cross-sectional cooperation in the composition of public, non-profit, and private actors at the pavilion; this highlighted the Danish approach to green solutions, and the value of creating better and higher quality in our urban development, and establish sustainable, innovative solutions.”

One of the benefits of participating as a Danish SME or larger company is the increased access to a large pallet of worldwide cities, which are usually difficult to get to; the expo is an opportunity to create new networks and dialogues that might not be possible otherwise.

Vinay Venkatraman, CEO LeapCraft

“We had a very good experience and we got a lot of interest in our offering along with possibilities to discuss with numerous potential partners and technology collaborators. We also got interest from various cities, and research institutions. We signed an MOU with a South Korean company, IDOlink, for us to design and build smart city applications based on some of their technologies as well as make our visualization technology available for their customers in the future.”

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