Match-making event with dutch delegation

Are you interested in meeting Dutch counterparts active in sustainable urban development, mobility and Smart Cities solutions in general?

A delegation of Dutch companies active in the Smart Cities sector are looking for business opportunities with Danish counterparts through partnerships, investments, exchange of technology and knowledge, co-creation and other forms of joint developments.

Opportunities between The Netherlands and Denmark
Sustainable cities require energy-efficient buildings, innovative transportation, optimized logistics, mobility management systems, renewable fuels and other modern solutions to become self-provident and improve their welfare and wellbeing. According to the ‘European Smart Cities Index’, Copenhagen and Malmö score above average on factors regarding the environment, governance and participation. However, in terms of the economy, quality of life, and mobility, Dutch cities score significantly higher.

This trade mission aims to bundle the power and capabilities of Smart Cities solutions through cooperation between Dutch and Danish businesses in the development of new products, technologies and social innovations in terms of sustainable urban development and mobility for markets in The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and other cities around the world. To effectively introduce potential business partners, the trade mission will include an individual matchmaking session and networking event in Copenhagen and Malmö.

Meeting your Dutch counterpart
The delegation arriving from the Netherlands will consist mostly of dynamic and front-running small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and knowledge institutes active in the following areas:
• Mobility and e-mobility
• Infrastructure and sustainable use of space
• Sustainable energy
• Smart governance
• Circular economy
• Recycling and re-purposing
• Smart data
• Traffic control and management
• Urban and cyber security

Danish entities active in sustainable urban development, mobility and other smart cities solutions are invited to attend the matchmaking session and networking event in Copenhagen, which will be organized in close cooperation with the Netherlands Embassy in Denmark. This business matchmaking event is funded by the Dutch Starters International Business (SIB) program and is therefore free of charge for Danish participants.