Seminar: Li-ion Battery Technology and Safety in Applications

The goal of the seminar is to foster understanding of safety in Li-ion batteries. Speakers from NASA, BANKE, Danish Technical Institute, Danish Technical University, Southern Denmark University, and University of South Carolina will present their experience in the high-level research and practice.

The invited speakers will introduce the basic concepts for battery safety, the mechanism of thermal runaway, the practical approach on how to handle safety in real-life examples (space applications and hybrid trucks), numerical analysis and adjacent analysis of degradation mechanisms. At the end of the seminar, the participants will be able to understand the thermal runaway event and the battery degradation mechanism.

Li-ion batteries are used in nearly every portable application that requires electrical energy storage. Compared with other types of battery chemistries, Li-ion chemistry has better properties, overall. However, due to the high energy density and abusive operations, many fires and explosions were reported over the years.

Below you find the program and presentors of the day. But you can also read the abstract for more information about the presentations.