Complex Cleantech Solutions

The transformation, challenges and opportunities created due to rapid urbanization, especially within emerging markets, demand complex value creation models.


These complex value creation models should include not only financial, but also societal and environmental gains. The traditional go to market approaches will not address these market opportunities, which will be a key driver of future economic growth.

Danish companies both large and small need to adapt their business strategy to focus on a city rather than a national level, develop business models that cater to risk sharing rather than risk diversification and build business cases that migrate from a single to a multiple impact bottom line.

Therefore, it is especially relevant for these companies to engage in co-creation, in order to be globally viable and become independent of governmental support by accelerating the technologies necessary for and the commercialization of solutions.

CLEAN’s role

Complex Cleantech Solutions (CCS) was a three year project with the objective to validate the efficiency of working with co-creation as a basis for developing a holistic and thereby a sustainable solution to cleantech challenges. In this context, CLEAN brought Danish SME’s together to help provide integrated, complex cleantech solutions to local governments outside Denmark.

Outcome/Project status

The work of CLEAN, and the CCS project in specific, helped the participating SME’s enhance their global competitiveness. More specifically, some of the participating companies signed one or more Memoran-dums of Understanding (MOU’s) to deliver cleantech projects in India, Morocco, Senegal and China. Of particular relevance is a holistic solution for cleaning the Mithri River in Mumbai. More generally, the SME’s learned how to better compete in international markets.

The outcome of the key learnings from the co-creation process between the participating SME’s and CLEAN is delivered in a practical model and methodology, the Competitiveness Amplification Model, to help Danish small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) enhance their competitiveness in the cleantech sectors outside Denmark.

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