BWA Pilot Projects for Danish SMEs

China faces huge challenges in the water sector and has problems with water pollution, flooding and decreasing groundwater levels. In the opposite end, the Danish SMEs struggle to get access to the market because they do not have the resources or budgets to take the leap from one-unit-sales to the “solution-based export” approach.


The project paves the way for participating Danish SMEs’ access to the Chinese water and energy sector, through an innovation camp in Beijing.

There is a real demand from the Danish SMEs to identify and facilitate concrete cooperation with relevant Chinese partners in order to expand the Danish opportunities for cooperation and market insight. Inno-MT assumes the role as facilitator by bringing together a group of the Danish member companies to an innovation camp in Beijing. This happens in direct cooperation with the Beijing Water Authorities to develop innovative solutions to the mega city’s environmental challenges.


The purpose of this project is to lift exports of green solutions from Danish SMEs. The ambition is that this pilot project will create a platform for cooperation between Danish cleantech SMEs and the Chinese authorities, in order to create similar projects in other industries and regions. Such a platform can open up the door for other Danish SMEs and, at the same time – make these companies better at collaborating in the area of solution-based export.


November 2015 – July 2016

Project Partners

Innovation Centre Denmark – Shanghai

Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (FI)