China Desk

China is the world’s fastest growing market for cleantech technology, and Denmark has a leading global position. This is several Chinese cities and provinces aware of, and there is numerous bilateral cooperation agreements (Momerandum of Understanding) with Danish cities and regions where cleantech is the key element.

Several of CLEANs public members have cooperation agreements in China, and CLEAN has been in-creasingly committed to concretize business element in the cooperation agreements and to ensure that Danish cleantech companies will benefit from the agreements.

CLEAN China Desk:

  • Assist Danish cleantech companies to get a better and comprehensive view of where the best business and project opportunities lie across the political agreements
  • Assist the Danish municipalities and regions to get professionalized implementation of the political agreements and ensure that the effect will be significantly enhanced.
  • Engage in dialogue with the Chinese problem owners/customers who have challenges where Danish technologies can come into play in order to secure implementation of solutions.

CLEAN China desk is open for dialogue with potential project partners that have similar interest in project implementation in China. Currently CLEAN China Desk have project activities and involvement in the city of Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

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