Recycling of construction waste through tenders

CLEAN pushes for recycling of construction waste in Denmark.


According to The Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s waste statistics, Denmark has fairly high rate of recycling (90%) of construction waste. The recycling though, resembles – to a large degree – disposable waste, which means that construction waste often used as fillings for noise barriers or substrates for roads. In addition, construction waste contain dangerous substances, which therefore increases the need for better management and recycling of construction waste.

In order to strengthen the development of new innovative ways of demolishing buildings with an emphasis on the reuse of waste resources, CLEAN is taking the initiative to implement an innovative procurement process through a competition for new ideas. A number of consortia of companies and experts will be invited to come up with innovative proposals in regards to recycling of construction waste. To accomplish this, CLEAN has received in the vicinity 4 million. DDK from Green Business Growth and 0.5 million. kr from Region Zealand.

CLEAN, together with experts from the construction and waste industry, has already shown that there is a great need and potential for improved handling and reuse of construction and demolition waste. Funded by Realdania, CLEAN (then Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster) conducted an innovation platform in 2013 in close cooperation with several experts in the field. Read the recommendations from the Innovation Platform here.


Faxe Kommune is facing a major demolition project and is putting their project up for grabs in extension of this process. This is done in order to make the participation in the innovative process more attractive for relevant operators in the sector. Within the tender it is of great importance, that there be prioritised within the following areas:

  • That the recycling process can lead to substitution of raw materials
  • Optimising the separation methods of environmental contaminants
  • Creating a better use for waste concrete and developing a market for recycling

The tender of these tasks is done according to the rules of a competitive dialogue. It is also an integral part of the project, that the winning idea be implemented in practice to create a bigger and better market for reprocessing and trading (possibly export) of recycled building materials. In order to win the bid the consortia must both think innovative and develop solutions.

Next step

In April 2016, CLEAN and partners will take initiative to prepare materials for prequalification. When the prequalification documents are ready, it is published in the EU’s procurement portal, followed by the execution of an information campaign targeted towards potential bidders.

After publication of the prequalification documents one or more information sessions are held in Denmark concerning the tender. All relevant actors in the field are invited to participate in these meetings. The meeting are held different places in Denmark – in March 2016 – here, it will be possible for participants to discuss the creation of consortiums with potential partners.


2015 – 2017

Project Partners

Amager Resource Center (ARC), The Housing Association AAB Bovia in Kolding, Kolding Municipality, Faxe Municipality, Business Academy Southwest and CLEAN.


Green Business Development

Region Zealand