Green Business Growth

The project visualise and promotes demand for energy-efficient building.


The partnership “CLEAN Green Business Growth”, based in Denmark, now comprises over 20 partners in the form of municipalities, business centres, utilities, educational institutions, financial institutions and private companies.

The project serves as inspiration for how to make it possible to continue and transform a project from a 100% financially supported project into a 100% partner-funded project. It has only been possible through dedicated partnerships, and a sharp focus on core services, value creation, innovation and also showcasing significant growth figures for energy artisans in the project.

Green Business Growth has been known for its significant results with 29% growth in revenues for companies with energy craftsmen who have been trained in zero growth by CLEAN Green Business Growth in the period 2010-2013. It has created 165 full-time equivalents in these 3 years, equivalent to DKK 110 million in additional revenue for the participating companies as well as several acclaims, including a CSR award as best partnership project and a EU prize nomination. The latest results from 2015 show that energy artisans have been better at making money as well, research shows that these companies created an added value of 22%, against 9% in the craftsman sector in general.


  • To create new green jobs by promoting the demand for energy-efficient building
  • To form a framework for business development for craftsmen and suppliers of energy solutions through education, increased visibility, market development and knowledge sharing
  • To create value for municipalities in terms of increased visibility, employment and growth, as well as contribute to meeting the climate plans
  • To connect the entire value chain of home and building owners, craftsmen, companies and authorities


2010-2013: Funded project

2014 onwards: 100% partner-funded with no end date

Project Partners

Middelfart Municipality, Kolding Municipality, Odense Municipality, Nordfyn Municipality, Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality, Billund Municipality, Assens Municipality, Udvikling Vejen, Business Kolding, Middelfart Erhvervskontor, TREFOR, Fjernvarme Fyn, Saint-Go-bain Isover, Schneider-Electric, Hans Jørgensen & Søn, IBC-courses, Byggecentrum, Middelfart Sparekasse.


From the partnership’s (Green Business Growth) “birth” in 2010 and until 2013, the project received support from the EU and The Southern Denmark Growth Forum with a total of DKK 11.5 million. Over 3 years – incl. self-financing. After the merger with CLEAN it has been possible to obtain the project as a collaborative project with a number of active partners. The project is now 100% partner funded with an annual budget of around 1.5 million. DDK This is equivalent to less than half the funding (DKK 4.5 million. over 3 years) compared with the subsidised project.

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  • 225 energy craftsmen are now trained as a Master of Energy
  • 20 energy events / trade fairs have been held – these have been attended by 20,000 citizens
  • 600 partners have participated in conferences¨

CLEAN Green Business Growth has been an important impetus for the expansion with several new CLEAN projects within energy-efficient buildings. Today there is a wide range of new CLEAN projects:

  • REFURB (depth energy renovation)
  • n0e (Nearly Zero Energy in Sports facilities
  • FURGY CLEAN Innovation (energy efficiency and innovation across the Danish – German border)
  • PERS (Playbooks about energy event, energy checks, etc.)
  • And, several new projects on green ambassadors, green competences and sustainability are in the pipeline.