Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies (Inno-MT)

Inno-MT is a professional network focusing on technology development for environmental technology companies.


Clusters and networks play an important role as engines for growth and innovation, both for Denmark as a whole but also for the Danish regions and local areas. Participation in professional and technical networks can help companies more quickly into the marketplace and create innovation and commercial successes and establish innovative public-private partnerships that can contribute with innovative solutions to society’s challenges.

The Ministry of Higher Education & Science supports a number of innovation networks where companies and knowledge institutions in the community can share experiences and develop new ideas and launch concrete projects within a specific field of study.


Innovation Network for Environmental Technology (Inno-MT) aims to create growth and jobs in the environmental technology sector by supporting the development of new environmental technologies. It is an offer to individuals who works in companies within the environmental sector, and want to be part of an active network. Companies can get up to 500,000 DDK In support for innovation projects, get help to find Danish or international project- and business partners for specific development projects and gain new knowledge within the four primary disciplines:

  • Clean air technology
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Water treatment- and water supply
  • Ground resources and carbon cycling.

Inno-MT’s vision is that member companies should be among the most innovative companies in Denmark and contribute significantly to the export of Danish environmental technology by 100 billion. DDK in 2020.



Project Partners

The initiators of Inno-MT are AgroTech, DHI, FORCE Technology, Danish Technological Institute, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark. The network has about 150 members.

Find the list of members here.


Ministry of Higher Education & Science