Innovation Network for Smart Energy (Inno-SE)

Innovation Network for Smart Energy is an innovation network in the field of energy technology with the purpose of Danish economic growth and job creation within Danish companies.


Clusters and networks play an important role as engines for growth and innovation, both for Denmark as a whole and for regions and local areas. The companies involved in innovation networks will be part of fruitful partnerships that can generate new commercial successes.

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation supports a number of innovation networks (as of 2016 – 22 networks) where knowledge institutions, public authorities and private companies can share experiences and develop new solutions within various disciplines.


Innovation Network for Smart Energy (Inno-SE) aims to create growth and jobs in the sector of energy technology by supporting the development of new energy solutions and technologies. The network takes its starting point on the global societal challenges but has the clear objective to generate growth, innovation and increased revenue in businesses by exporting technologies, knowledge and solution-based, integrated export.



Project Partners

The academical partners in Inno-SE are CLEAN, Technical University of Denmark, Alexandra Institute, Aalborg University, DELTA, Aarhus University & University of Southern Denmark. Inno-SE has around 160 members.

See the list of members here.


Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation & The Southern Denmark Growth Forum