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Nordic GTL – a pre-feasibility study on sustainable aviation fuel from biogas, hydrogen and CO2

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NISA is an active Nordic association working to promote and develop a more sustainable aviation industry, with a specific focus on alternative sustainable fuels for the aviation sector.

Nordic stakeholders within the aviation sector have joined forces to form the association NISA, in order to realize the development of new sustainable aviation fuels. The associations is established to work with biofuels issues on behalf of the aviation sector in the Nordic region.

The aviation sector must become more sustainable and alternative fuels is one of the important means to achieving this goal. Thus, the association is, in particular, committed to facilitating and strengthening the conditions under which the aviation industry can obtain commercial and continuous access to sustainable jet fuels.

Purpose of the Association

The aviation industry is committed to becoming more sustainable and eventually achieve neutral net carbon growth. At present, there are no viable alternatives to liquid jet fuels. The industry is therefore interested in any options that may lead to the use of more sustainable jet fuels. For stakeholders in the Nordic countries, this shift offers major opportunities to develop, provide and use new sustainable fuels.

Future sustainable solutions can only be achieved through close cooperation amongst relevant stakeholders and NISA therefore strives to facilitate and coordinate these opportunities in order to generate synergies across stakeholders, and thus overcome the obstacles that are currently present in the supply-chain.

To affect the development of sustainable biofuels and move intensions forward, NISA is required to coordinate initiatives at different maturity levels (R&D, approval, demonstration plants, airport integration), as well as involving different parts of the entire supply chain: Investments into production facilities, feedstock, biofuels production, logistics, distribution, investors, demonstration plants, customer relationships, and the like.

The initiatives of NISA are likely to positively affect a transition to cleantech development and contribute to the creation of jobs and knowhow within the area, thereby strengthening the market position for all the parties involved and society overall.

Objectives of the Association

The goal of NISA is to accelerate the development and the commercialization of sustainable aviation fuels. This is achieved by organizing activities, strengthening the cooperation across the value chain and by focusing on opportunities in the Nordic region.

Admission and Organization

The actors behind the initiative are the Nordic airports, Nordic airlines and their organizations, and the aviation authorities. The initiative is also supported by aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.
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Admission to NISA is open to companies, organizations, institutions, NGO’s, etc., taking an active part in the efforts to obtain a sustainable aviation industry, as well as supporting the sustainable aviation industry. Read more about NISA’s organization and types of members in the Statutes.


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The Statutes of Incorporation for the Nordic initiative for Sustainable Aviation (NISA)

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