Our projects

C40 City Solutions Platform

By providing cities and solution providers a program for working together on specific climate challenges at an earlier stage than usual, the C40 City Solutions Platform (CSP), a partnership between CLEAN and C40, ensures that the actors reach a common understanding of the challenges in order to co-create solutions. 

C40 City Solutions Platform

Facilitating early-stage public-private collaboration to co-create innovative climate solutions for cities.

Circular Plastics in the Americas Program

Supporting a transition to sustainable production and consumption of plastics in the America Region and contributing to significantly reducing marine and river litter, including European approaches, policies and business models.

Circularity City

In a few decades, most of the world’s population will live in urban areas. This trend creates major challenges in providing sufficient resources to expand and rebuild cities. Conversely, it also provides ideal conditions for developing new ways to design, construct, and furnish our buildings, where all resources are being reused.

Circular Cities

Circular Cities is a national project that enables ambitious municipalities to make the circular transition


The aim of the European Cleantech Internationalisation Initiative (EC2i) is to implement a joint internationalization strategy to help SMEs exploit the cleantech opportunities for collaboration in two target countries: The Unites States and China.

EU Tech Bridge

The EU Techbridge project matches North American based end-users that are looking for innovative water and energy solutions with innovative European SMEs. EU SMEs as part of the project will showcase their technologies that can fill a gap in the North American market and can explore partnership opportunities for the future.

Greater Copenhagen Cleantech Impact Accelerator (CIA)

Greater Copenhagen Green Deal

Accelerating Green Transitions in Greater Copenhagen

GT Program

With support from the Danish Board of Business Development and the European Social Fund, the GT Program is ready to help green entrepreneurs starting up a business and accelerating their growth and development. Are you joining?


ICN enables the world's leading cleantech clusters and their regional ecosystems to collectively develop and implement sustainable solutions that contribute to and stimulate the global green economy.


Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies (Inno-MT) aims to promote environmental technology innovation in the Danish environmental technology sector.


A microalgae platform for the complete valorization of industrial wastewater. 

Nordic Solutions for C40

By combining the strength of Nordic collaborations and C40’s network, Nordic Solutions for C40 will create a self-sustaining Nordic platform that will develop a space for joint Nordic B2B collaboration within the Nordic countries to respond to the leads received through C40 cities.

NYC-CPH Dual Urban Water Vision Innovation CallUrban Water Vision Challenge

New York City and the Municipality of Copenhagen are seeking new and innovative ideas, technologies, and approaches for how stormwater can be successfully captured and treated to optimize benefits, reduce risks to public health, and promote co-benefits.  


PAV aims to provide urban planners with the knowledge and tools to understand the spatial impact of AV (autonomous vehicles), and embrace AV opportunities. It will test and use AV in city areas, providing scenarios and tools for short- to long-term urban planning.

Portugal Circular Economy

Supporting the Government of Portugal in achieving socio-economic and environmental benefits from increased utilisation of secondary raw materials and by-products as basis for manufacturing. 


ProCirc is a transnational project in the North Sea region set up to experiment, implement and learn how circular economy and procurement can benefit the region.


SCALE-UP creates mutually beneficial collaborations between SMEs and large enterprises

Smart Energy 2 Market

Energy technology companies - growth and export