Digital Workshop: How to protect your idea and your product – IP and beyond (CPH Food / FFBI / CIA)

17. Jun 2021 kl. 09:00 - 11:30

Three experts will give you an overview of how to protect your idea, your concept and your company while you are developing your prototype. Already at this stage, you must have the future market and risks in mind!

The experts will introduce you to how you best give yourselv “license to operate”. You will hear about legislation related to innovation collaboration with knowledge institutions, IP, trademarks and patents. 

Your questions will be answered along the way.

Target audience:

Startups and SMEs working on developing new products, concepts or ideas at the prototype stage.


Malene Wiese Madsen, Cand. jur. And Legal Manager at Food & Bio Cluster Denmark. Malene has helped houndreds of SMEs since 2015 on legal aspects of collaboration with knowledge institutions and what to have in mind when working as a startup.

Camilla Kiørboe and Lars Karnøe, Partners at Potter Clarkson, Camilla and Lars are specialized in trademarks, patents and intellectual property rights. They have advised companies at all stages and litigated intellectual property cases for both large and small companies. Lars is a lawyer and author of books on IP rights and has taught others in the field..


9.00 – Welcome and introduction of participants (max 2 min per virksomhed)
9.20 – (in Danish) Gennemgang af principper for samarbejder mellem virksomhed og videninstitutioner i Danmark ved Cand.jur. Malene Wiese Madsen – herunder:

  • Hvordan defineres en idé?
  • Hvad er forgrundsviden og baggrundsviden, og hvem ejer hvad?
  • Hvor henter man mere information?

9.50 – Basics of Intellectual Property rights when collaborating with a knowledge institution in Sweden by Lars Karnøe

10.00 – How to protect your products and ideas all the way to the international market by Camilla Kiørboe and Lars Karnøe, including

  • What regulatory issues do I need to be aware of before my product is marketed?
  • How do I protect my trademarks?Herefter er der Q&A.

11.15 – Which legal support can be co-funded and how?

11.30 – Thank you and goodbye

Practical: A link for Microsoft Teams will be sent out the day before the digital workshop. We recommend participants to ensure a strong internet connection to get good sound and good picture.

The workshop is co-financed by Interreg, Region Sjælland and Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse