Joint ICCL – NICOLE conference Groundwater Management on Contaminated Site

5. Okt 2017 kl. 15:00 - 1. Jan

Key topics during this conference will include:
1) Groundwater management on large scale & multisources sites
From local/site management to regional/catchment level: how to deal with multiple sites impacting the same resources? Multiple sources in mining sites, urban and industrial areas

2) How do groundwater issues fi t in the water directive? Groundwater & surface water relationship, multiple sources

3) Remediation technologies, source removal, etc. 

Especially the hard to treat and/or “dirty-dozen” pollutants. What are recent developments, combination of various technologies? Adaptive management

4) Valuation on groundwater
From the perspective of Environmental liabilities – regulators and lawyers

Th is is a joint conference on groundwater management on contaminated sites organised by NICOLE & ICCL. This conference is supported by the Danish Soil Partnership, Innovationnetwork for Environmental Technologies, Common Forum and Danish Regions.

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