Meet-the-buyer med Dansk Retursystem

3. Sep 2020 kl. 09:00 - 12:00

Dansk Retursystem driver det danske pantsystem, og sikrer, at engangsemballager af plastik, aluminium og glas til drikkevarer bliver genanvendt. Det er godt for miljø og klima, fordi det sparer energi og råstoffer.

D. 3. September fra 09:00-16:00 afholdes et Meet the Buyer arrangement hos Dansk Retursystem, hvor din virksomhed kan få et 1:1 møde, hvis I kan løse, eller bidrage til løsningen, Dansk Retursystem efterspørger. Læs mere her:

Med en retur rate på 90%, driver Dansk Retursystem et af de mest effektive pantsystemer i verden. 10% mangler dog stadig. Det vurderes, at drikkevare indtaget ‘on-the-go’ er et af de områder hvor flasker og dåser ikke bliver genanvendt. Til netop dette område ønskes en optimal løsning:

  • Løsningen skal være let og intuitiv at interagere med, og være designet til både inde og udemiljø.
  • Løsningen skal kunne komprimere dåser og flasker af PET, aluminium og glas.
  • Løsningen skal kunne indsamle den overskudsvæske der er efter komprimering.
  • Løsningen skal ikke nødvendigvis give depositum tilbage til forbrugeren, men i stedet kan værdien doneres til en NGO. Derfor er det nødvendigt at løsningen kan veje indholdet af flasken eller dåsen, i stedet for at scanne drikkevarebeholderne.
  • Løsningen kan inkludere IoT og evt. være drevet af grøn energi fra f.ek.s solceller.

Hvis du har yderligere spørgsmål afholdes der et webinar d. 11. august 10:00-11:30, hvor Dansk Retursystem præsenterer deres udfordringer. Til webinaret er der også mulighed for at stille afklarende spørgsmål. Link:

Buyer profile

What is their business?

Dansk Retursystem operate a collective deposit and return system that makes it as easy as possible for everyone in Denmark to contribute to the recycling of bottles and cans.
We collect and separate more than 1,4 billion used bottles and cans and send them for recycling in a closed loop. We ensure that they are converted into raw materials to produce new bottles, cans and other food-packaging materials.

We drive one of the best such systems in the world, and right now have a return rate of 90% and are therefore looking into the last missing percentage. Where they can be found and which solutions we need.*

What are they looking for?

We are looking for a solution, where consumers can return their bottles and cans – a solution which is unmanned. Normally all bottles and cans are scanned in a deposit machine at the supermarket or at our factory, to make sure we give the right amount to the customers. But the solution we are looking for, do not necessarily give the deposit back to the consumer, but instead the value can be donated to an NGO. Therefore, we are looking for a solution which can weigh the content of the bin or container, instead of scanning the beverage containers.

The solution could both be stationary or a moveable solution and needs to be weather proofed so it can function both inside and outside.

We are looking for a solution which can secure and compress bottles and cans in a container or bin. The materials the bottles and cans are made from are PET, aluminum and glass. Therefore, the solution needs to be able to handle these material types.
The compress of the material is essential to reduce the need for emptying the containers and make the transport as efficient as possible, without transporting to much air.

Secondly by compressing the materials, we ensure that it is not interesting to steal the content inside the bins. Last, we know it generates fluids when bottles and cans are compressed, which means the solution will need to collect the fluid.

The solution needs to be easy, intuitive and convenient for the users to interact with, and for the owners of the bins to empty and operate.
We could see a third party being in charge of collecting the bottles and cans from the bins. Therefore, an IoT solution could be relevant, to know when the bins are full, and needs to be emptied.

In terms of energy source for the solution, it would be preferred if it was powered by green energy, as for example solar power.    

Important background information

In Denmark we are good at depositing our bottles and cans. In fact, we get 90% of bottles and cans back, which means we are missing the last 10% percentage of them. We know some of the areas were the bottles and cans are disappearing off to. One of the areas, are when people are consuming beverages ‘on-the-go’. ’On-the-go’ are defined when people are on the commute, for example on the train station, the gas station and in the urban space. We see an increase in people consuming ‘on-the-go’, and more food are produced ready to eat.

We see there is difference in the location, volume and ownership of the solutions. There is a significant difference in the solutions needed for inside versus outside which for example needs to be weather proofed. Further if the solutions are placed in a designated area or in an open public area.

We have developed and tested some solutions, which can handle a smaller number of bottles and cans, and which are “owned” by someone.

  • We have tested deposit boxes which are easy to move around, transport and works well inside.

  • We have tested a voting box for depositing, to see if gamification could get people to deposit more.

    We could see it had a positive effect and more people deposited.

  • We also tested solutions where you can donate your deposit. A shelf which is attached to the trash bin to place your bottles and cans for others to take and deposit.

    Further we are in the process of testing the compactor bin from Big belly with one of our customers.


    We have also investigated solutions for larger volumes, where you can bulk deposit your bottles and cans. Here we have developed a deposit machine called Drop & Go which counts, compresses and pay out the amount to the customer immediately.

    Therefore, we have a gap for the medium sized volumes of beverage containers. Solutions which are unmanned, where you do not get your deposit back and the bottles and cans are compressed.

    – A convenience solution, which secure the materials and makes it easy to handle


       – A solution which is digitalized

How can you apply?

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Maria Skotte by sending an email to and briefly indicate the interest of your company in the Buyer’s case. You can also contact your regional SCALE-UP partner. 

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