Meet-the-buyer – Rotterdam The Hague Airport

20. Mar 2020 kl. 09:00 - 17:00

Meet-the-buyer – Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) is a regional airport located between Rotterdam and The Hague. The airport is a part of the Royal Schipol Group and it serves approximately 1.8 million passengers per year. In addition to commercial air traffic, RTHA is also used for ‘socially relevant traffic’ such as the police and trauma helicopter. RTHA provides approximately 2,500 people with work (directly and indirectly).

What is their business?

RTHA has to deal with a large diversity of interested parties in its surrounding area. On the one hand there is the shareholder, the Royal Schipol Group, and on the other hand, the users of the airport, the airline companies, regional stakeholders such as Rotterdam Municipality and its industrial harbour complex, The Hague, and the other municipalities in the area, and their inhabitants. They all have their own interests and their own views on the future of the airport.

RTHA must meet the high expectations of the region: the facilitation of business flights and the generation of economic activities including creating work opportunities and attracting tourism. At the same time it must conduct its activities within strict environmental and sound-restriction frameworks. Growth can mean an increase in environmental impact, which can evoke resistance in the environment.

The above-mentioned tension is typical of the complex position in which the airport finds itself. Dealing with conflicting interests and managing the tensions is an unavoidable part of the managing an airport. The management of the airport deals with this by making the different perspectives as explicit as possible and by having respect for all points of view. In this way they try to find the right balance in policy.

To strengthen the innovative capacity of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, it founded in collaboration with the City of Rotterdam the “Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport Foundation”.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is looking for solutions in the following fields:

1. Realisation of the ultimate passenger experience

a. Virtual Reality
b. Artificial Intelligence
c. Smart tracking of passengers
d. Fast check-in

2. Optimisation and sustainability of business performance

a. Sustainable heating
b. Smart lightning
c. Electrification and automation of ground operations
d. Reduction of noise pollution in the environment
e. Improvement of the air quality

How can you apply?

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Wouter van Rooijen by sending an email to or Giuliana Unger by sending an email to and briefly indicate the interest of your company in the Buyer’s case. You can also contact your regional SCALE-UP partner.