#SmarterCitiesNOW: A UK/Nordic Sustainable Urban Collaboration Forum, led by London and Copenhagen

11. Okt 2017 kl. 09:00 - 1. Jan

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#SmarterCitiesNOWis a UK/Nordic‘Sharing Cities’Collaboration forum,focused on sustainable urban development, ledby Tech Nordic Advocates in collaboration with Tech London Advocates, Ravensbourne, the London Mayor’s Office, Future Cities Catapult, BLOXHUB, LOOP CITY, ZUMTOBEL, Copenhagen Capacity, Invest in Denmark and many other UK and Nordic sustainable urban development front runners.

#SmarterCitiesNOW brings together sustainable urban development pioneers, thinkers and doers  -startups, SMEs, architects, designers, academics, tech companies and policy makers -with an expressed desire to participate in a continuous sustainable urban collaboration forum, through which all can share expertise and experience,  learn from each other, collaborate on projects, develop and deploy smart/data solutions, urban data sharing platforms and new business models -generally progress sustainable urban development together -as opposed to reinventing the same wheel in different cities.


#SmarterCitiesNOW is focused on five areas:

  1. Innovation projects
  2. Smart solutions
  3. Data solutions
  4. Urban data sharing platforms
  5. Digital competencies across 8 Sustainability themes: 1) Sustainability; 2) Construction & Tech; 3) Transport & Mobility; 4) Engineering & Tech; 5) Digital infrastructure/IOT; 6) Culture; 7) Public Health/People/Communities; 8) Experience.