Activities and workpackages

During the project period of 3 years, we have following deliverables:

Workpackage 2 - Development of technical concept & design

This work package aims at providing the technical concept and design of the project systems, whereas following sub-aims should be achieved:

  • The end-user requirements are defined
  • The technical framework conditions are identified

A conceptual design is provided that addresses the whole System

Tasks to achive the goal:

  • Analysis of the technology related framework conditions & user requirements
  • Survey of tool/controller & components
  • Concept of data management
  • Concept of system integration

Workpackage 3 - Development og business cases for Denmark and Austria 

This work package aims at providing good economic and legal information specific for the realisation feasibility at the proposed markets. In the following the sub/task-objectives:

  • A comprehensive know-how about market related issues is available
  • The legal feasibility is defined
  • Different business cases are developed

Business models will be created based on the results from the workshops and validated on transnational level.

Workpackage 4 - System modelling and deduction of a roadmap

  • Different modelling approaches for different grid types and sizes are available
  • Standardized prosumer models and list of interventions and problem-solving control strategies available.
  • Mathematical modeling approaches are processed in the simulation model.
  • Uniform, software / system-independent and user-friendly simulation model for the calculation of problems with decentral feed-in in heating grids
  • Impact analysis of interventions and various control strategies.

The simulation results were used in a roadmap describing a general approach to problem solving

Workpackage 5 -Dissemination, exploitation and Participation

The consortium has substantial interest in disseminating the project results and exploiting of know-how and results by achieving the following sub-objectives:

  • An optimized and balanced dissemination and exploitation plan (publications, seminars, workshops, dedicated internet web site etc.) is implemented.
  • Relevant social, technical, financial/economical and legal actors are involved
  • Toolbox including practical guidelines and good practice examples


Until now two workshops have been held in the Project:

26.11.2019: Workshop in Kolding, Denmark. Find the summary HERE

15.01.2020: Workshop in Graz, Austria. Find the summary HERE

See the video from the austrian workshop and the stakeholder interviews HERE

Workpackage 6 - Knowledge Community

The purpose of the HEATflex communication activities is:

  • to spread the results
  • to provide a know-how exchange between content related projects / activities
  • to convey and promote to a vast audience the enormous potential for the integration of renewable
  • to inform and engage the target groups / end users / relevant market actors (particularly concerning potential orders)
  • to promote the project to decision-makers

Hence, the communication activities of HEATflex has the scope of engaging and inform the target group about the findings.

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The HEATflex project will participate in following events:

Erfa-møde om varmepumper i Fjernvarmens hus, Kolding den 02.09.2020. Læs mere: Program - Erfa-møde om varmepumper - 02-09-2020 (003)

International Conference on Smart Energy Systems, Aalborg on 6-7 October 2020. Learn more: 



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