The results from each workpackage and deliverable will serve as inputs for a so-called toolbox. This, includes setting up an online tool for gathering and combining the results. The toolbox will serve as a combined overview and practical guideline for practitioners and District heat companies. The guidelines will be carried out as generic as possible in order to insure the scalability and adaptation in other regions and countries.

The toolbox will serve as a key component in the second participation workshop.

1: Practical guideline for central/decentral heat flexibility 

  • Description of solutions for bidirectional heating stations (prosumer stations including heat pumps) and central CHP-HP solutions together with flexible heat production including P2H
  • Recommendations for HP-prosumer stations; central CHP-HP) and recommendations (suitable operation conditions, size, type, interfaces of required components, controlling of HP-prosumer stations and superior controlling, controlling of decentralised pumps, communication, load management, legal framework, hydraulic integration with schemes, billing of prosumers, flexible heat market)

2: Techno-economic toolbox. Good practice examples (primarily from Denmark)

  • One of the milestones in the project will be a publication of the Toolbox including practical guidelines and good practice examples”.

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