Internationale projekter

EU Techbridge

The EU Techbridge project matches North American based end-users that are looking for innovative water and energy solutions with innovative European SMEs. EU SMEs as part of the project will showcase their technologies that can fill a gap in the North American market and can explore partnership opportunities for the future.


PAV aims to provide urban planners with the knowledge and tools to understand the spatial impact of AV (autonomous vehicles), and embrace AV opportunities. It will test and use AV in city areas, providing scenarios and tools for short- to long-term urban planning.

Three Roads to Circular Economy

Supporting the Government of Portugal in the development and implementation of reform policies to i) increase the material efficiency in the textile, the construction, and the furniture sectors; and ii) to improve municipal waste collection and recycling, and assess waste treatment infrastructure.

Circular Plastics in the Americas Program

Supporting a transition to sustainable production and consumption of plastics in the America Region and contributing to significantly reducing marine and river litter, including European approaches, policies and business models.

BRINC Brokering Cross-Border Innovation Through Clusters

BRINC projektet har til formål at identificere offentlige innovationsbehov og at facilitere markedsdialog. Projektet vil drive flere processer for offentlig indkøb af innovation for at hjælpe offentlige aktører til bedre at udnytte de innovative kompetencer hos SMV’er.