Algiecel ApS

ALGIECEL has been founded to take part in the challenge of transforming today´s CO2 emissions into feasible business opportunities. The company´s mission is to produce tomorrow´s sustainable protein and omega-3 rich products utilizing captured CO2, microalgae, and a win-win business model. ALGIECEL makes it easy for industrial companies to transform their CO2 emissions into microalgae biomass using a high-yield photobioreactor fitted into standard shipping containers.

The microalgae biomass is CO2 neutral, vegan, and natural. It can be split into a protein and an oil fraction. The protein fraction will be applied as aquaculture feed, is very high in protein and contains omega-3, food-grade vitamins and carotenoids. The oil fraction will be applied in cosmetics, is very high in omega-3 and contains food-grade vitamins and carotenoids.

ALGIECEL´s photobioreactors can go where large power-to-X projects cannot go. Specific target industries are biogas and fermentation companies. Here, small numbers of mobile container units can solve the CO2 emission problems of entire production sites – plug and play – while requiring little space by stacking and packing the containers on demand.

ALGIECEL offers compact, mobile microalgae producing photobioreactors fitting into standard shipping containers. The reactors enable the easy transformation of industrial CO2 emissions and energy (LED light) into raw microalgae biomass and oxygen as a side stream. The technology is patent pending. The microalgae biomass is transferred into the downstream processing container, where the oil is extracted from the biomass on site, before being shipped off to the clients.

ALGIECEL was founded in 2021 by Henrik Busch-Larsen, who also co-founded and scaled Unibio, a leading sustainable protein company. A team of highly skilled people has been established. The team holds leadership experience from notable companies such as Maersk, Falck, Nestlé, COWI, Chr. Hansen and BioPorto among others. The company collaborates with skilled partners such as RobLight, AN Group and the Danish Technological Institute (TI), where ALGIECEL´s first, mobile pilot reactor is located.


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