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Book2Wheel is a peer-to-peer digital marketplace for sharing 2-wheelers (motorcycles and bicycles). It is based on the shared economy concept, which benefits from collaboration between owners and users of goods: Our platform enables owners to rent their 2-wheelers via the platform and make an income. The user pays a rental out of which B2W generates revenue by capturing a commission.

The problem is three folds:

Market need: Budget-conscious tourists visiting Europe and east-asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Mala,ysia etc. thece an issue of finding a reliable and affordable means of transportation (which is almost always a 2-wheeled motorisnon-motorizedorised vehicle).

Socio-Economic need: There is a need for a source of income for people that can help them earn more than the minimum wage, hence improving the economic conditions of the individual the society.

The Solution

By creating a digital peer-to-peer marketplace based on collaboration, Book2Wheel succeed to to solve all these three issues as follows:

All owners of 2-wheelers are certified, so users have a trustworthy platform that eliminates the apprehensions and threats of financial and physical loss through transparency in pricing, assurity of insurance,a review sys,tem and complete communication.

It enables individuals and current 2-wheel owners to set up a source of revenue and income by putting up their vehicles for sharing on the platform.

Due to the collaborative nature of the platform, it reduces the strain of ownership from the owners and consumption from the renters, as they can share the bikes to either increase their income or rent it as per their need.


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