We are a subscription-based company from Denmark, that focuses on strengthening data capabilities. What I mean by that – we have developed a platform – Data Impact Navigator – that gathers assessment data and uses it for benchmarks and derived analysis.

We are here for the long run on-demand (subscription business model) as we want to improve the processes in the most prominent companies that have a huge influence on the market and the environment.

By making companies more data-driven we strive to reduce the C02 emissions into the atmosphere (lowering carbon footprint), by making the internal and external processes smoother, agile and data-driven.

There are still very many companies who do not realize that their digital footprint and unused resources and potential are not only a burden to their organisation but also to the entire ecosystem. Their actions do not only affect the organisation itself, the market or the industry, but it goes way beyond and on a much higher scale – the environment is influenced. Spreading awareness and constantly working towards a more resourceful and data-driven future is priority.


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