The Solum Group was founded in 1986, thus having more than 30 years of experience in recycling and circular economies. Today, almost all types of waste are handled, except toxic waste. Circular economy and sustainability is, and always has been, the core DNA of the company.

The group is Demarks largest supplier of compost, growth media and grass nurturing products. We create value by integrating waste handling, bioenergy production, nutrient recirculation and bioenergy production as well as counselling regarding soil improvement products and sustainability. The group’s activity is dispersed in all of Denmark, several of the Nordic countries, and in projects around the globe.

In the beginning of the millennium, the first Aikan®️ installation was created. Aikan®️ is a combined waste-to-X technology for food waste and other organic material. The technology is specifically designed to handle complex dry waste streams but can also handle wet organic material. The Danish installation near Copenhagen is 100% owned by Solum A/S. Aikan®️ is waste handling, recirculation, climate protection and bioenergy without the need of moving large amounts of water. Hence, the amount of transport pr. produced is much smaller than traditionally wet-based technologies, and yields larger CO2-equivalent reductions than wet digestion technologies as well as creating a cleaner fertilizer.


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