Region: Hovedstaden

BRØL is a social enterprise dedicated to creating a sustainable circular economy surrounding the production of organic craft beer and low-ABV beers from upcycled (e.g. 20-40% surplus bread, rice, corn, fruit) and other recycled/upcycled/circular products.

“Green”, “sustainable”, “circular” are the core enablers of our product and not just a marketing strategy. By using only, i.e., 30% surplus instead of malt with our current technology, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint to scales that are competitive with large breweries employing all the “sustainable” tactics in their playbook.

We want to turn food surplus into added value in our craft beer through novel process technology and organic enzymes, while internally recycling other ingredients that are traditionally wasted. In this project, we hope to achieve 100% upcycled ingredients in our beer production and produce a product that will allow any microbrewery to be truly sustainable.