Eco Island

Region: SjællandType: Virksomhed

ECO Island is a young blue growth company, working for sustainable use of water – both freshwater bodies and oceans – in order to improve livelihoods, economic growth and wellbeing while preserving the health of all water-based ecosystems and the quality of freshwater.

We aim to restore and protect water quality by absorbing pollutants and nutrients from freshwater entities using phytoremediation, a purification process where plants remove, absorb and allocate contaminants from the water. Inspired by comprehensive scientific research on wetlands we have developed and implemented our version of an environmentally friendly and ecological floating treatment wetland. ECO Island’s ECO Filters are biomimetic, imitating the systems of natural wetlands and supporting a natural restoration of the environment. The technique behind floating treatment wetlands is unique, as unlike traditional water cleaning systems and filters, it requires no chemicals, no physical filters and no energy supply.

Our team is cross disciplinary but we we all share a global perspective and a common goal to make a positive impact on the planet. In order to do so we focus on innovation, expertise and integration of research based knowledge through different research projects thereby applying profound knowledge into the heart of our company.

The SDG’s are at the heart of our company, and we always operate with a triple bottom line: Planet – People – Prosperity