EnergiTek ApS

Region: Midtjylland

EnergiTek ApS develops sustainable energy equipment to serve individual off-grid demands. The company owns a patent for the advanced application of biomass gasification technology (patent number DK 80002).

At EnegriTek ApS, we believe in a future where people can use convenient equipment that enriches the environment while they are enjoying their moment of happiness. Therefore, our mission is to supply the market with sustainable energy equipment that is convenient, easy to use, energy-efficient, durable, and at the same time good for the environment. We aim to leverage the market’s power into a powerful instrument for environmental protection.

Currently, EnergiTek ApS is providing the European market with a sustainable grill, namely Adventure Boil-Grill. This grill is a green cost-effective solution to BBQ grilling and other outdoor activities, which is as easy to use as a gas grill, as convenient as an expensive portable grill, and as cheap as a normal coal grill. The grill is also eco-friendly because it uses renewable energy (biomass), be free from toxic emissions (CO, PM1), and generates good soil amendment (biochar) to nurture the soil and plants.