Novalume A/S

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Novalume Solutions A/S is a Danish innovative Smart City Lighting company that works towards greener and smarter public lighting solutions. Based on our international experience, we have created the Lumintell™ solution allowing our clients to significantly reduce their energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

  • Worldwide installations since 2017: +20 municipalities
  • Business activities in +10 countries with municipalities, ESCOs and distributors
  • Lumintell™ systems have accumulated a total of 1,5 billion running hours

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Cities are connecting intelligent streetlights and creating wireless Smart City solutions, allowing them simultaneously to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

Lumintell™ provides a state-of-the-art, reliable and efficient network, allowing you to remotely control and monitor an unlimited number of streetlights – individually or in groups.  Each streetlight is connected wirelessly to an online application via the Cloud at .

There is no software to install and the only piece of equipment needed is the Lumintell™ Node. Our unique solution consists only of two types of nodes: Light- and Cluster Control Units to manage and connect your streetlights. Lumintell™ creates a flexible network, with no fixed cabinet installations or large gateways to maintain and install.

Lumintell™ Intelligent Light Management System

Lumintell™ is enabling you to perform intelligent dimming in combination with daylight & motion sensor technology, reducing the energy and CO2 emissions with up to 30% and in combination with a new LED luminaire installation with up to 75%. Through the application you can access your Smart City dashboard with precision dimming controls, performance graphs, helpful analytics and reporting tools.

Lumintell™ Service & Maintenance Platform

The Lumintell™ Maintenance & Service platform offers you a full overview of your system status, and enables you to save between 30% and 50%  of your annual maintenance cost.

With Lumintell™ Plugins for IoT sensors, the city is able to observe and monitor status of IoT hardware and luminaires in one central maintenance and service platform. With the Lumintell™ Field App, we offer you a market leading ‘Plug-and-Play’ deployment and cost-effective system and service solution.

Lumintell™ Integration

Lumintell™ allows data harvesting to be analyzed and managed by external consultants and partners via an API (Application  Programming Interface), and at the same time opening the opportunity to integrate your Lumintell™ solution with external  ecosystems.

Whether your priority is sustainability, energy efficiency or improving the quality of life for your citizens, Lumintell™ is the optimal solution for your Smart City.

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