Techras Nano ApS

Region: Midtjylland

TECHRAS NANO specialist in nanobobble technology

TECHRAS NANO offers to deliver complete solutions within nanobubble technology for supplies and industry, where we, in collaboration with MOLEAER, advise and dimension the facilities, so that customers are guaranteed an optimal solution. Service is offered in collaboration with TECHRAS MILJØ.

Nanobubbles can be used in a multitude of applications within treatment plants for e.g. for odor control from process tanks, eliminate etc. reducing hydrogen sulphide formation in sewage systems and within industries to improve the separation efficiency of industrial flotation plants as well as for the non-destructive purification of sludge in stormwater basins, lakes and moats to name a few applications with liquid media that can benefit from the addition of nanobubbles and the exciting new properties this technology offers for the benefit of the environment.