CLEAN driving waste management opportunities in Brazil and the South American Region

“Bringing Nordic Expertise to Brazilian Waste Opportunities”

During the week of 21-25 October 2019, CLEAN together with Innovation Norway and Tillväxverket, facilitated three co-creation workshops on waste management opportunities in both the Cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The Danish expertise from Rambøll, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund were brought together with ÅF Pöyry, Tomra Sorting Solutions & Cambi from the other Nordic countries to bring their solutions to the waste management opportunities.

CLEAN, through our partnership with C40 Cities, has had an ongoing dialogue with key players in the waste management sector in Brazil since hosting a co-creation workshop in Rio de Janeiro in 2017. CLEAN is now, together with our Nordic partners in Nordic Solutions for C40, driving project developments in the South American region. These activities are supported by Nordic Innovation under the Nordic Sustainable Cities Programme.

The opportunities being developed are:

  • Scaling the biomethanisation of organic waste in Rio de Janeiro, based upon the Caju Plant that has now been shown to be feasible.
  • Research and data collection of beach and marine waste in Rio de Janeiro. This data will be used to identify solutions of reuse, waste reduction and Danish companies within this field.
  • Scaling-up the composting of market waste in Sao Paulo. After a successful pilot phase at 5 sites, the City of Sao Paulo and the local waste company Amlurb are looking for technologies for large scale composting that are more efficient and cleaner than the current processes.
  • Developing “EcoParks” in Sao Paulo. The City of Sao Paulo is looking for multiple solutions to waste management and to implement “EcoParks” where the different solutions can work symbiotically – making waste become a resource.
  • Further waste management opportunities are being developed in Lima, Peru and Guadalajara, Mexico


These workshops provided the venue in which Nordic companies could partner with local companies, universities, and key city personnel in the political sphere. The workshops were attended by the presidents of local waste companies, senior municipal employees, C40, and the Danish Innovation Center Sao Paulo.

This is just the start of the collaboration with Brazil as we seek out opportunities for Danish organisations. A number of funding calls will soon be released targeting Brazil, and through these activities, CLEAN is well placed to involve our members in the next stages of concrete waste management opportunities during 2020.

 “Bringing Nordic Expertise to Brazilian Waste Opportunities” has been supported by Nordic Innovation and organised by Nordic Solutions for C40 and the C40 City Solutions Platform.

If you are interested to get involved in these opportunities contact: Scott Martin Allison.