Four new Cluster offices established in Region Zealand

Nyhed fra Erhvervshus Sjælland

The collaboration between the businesses in the Region of Zealand, the universities, and knowledge institutions are now strengthened.

About a year ago, the national business clusters in Denmark were represented in all five regions of Denmark -except Region Zealand. It was a disappointment and an expression of a lack of priorities in one of the important parts of Denmark’s geography which needed business development and specialities.

Therefore, after one year of preparation and hard work, the Region of Zealand got four clusters represented to strenghten the businesses.

The four new clusters will strenghten business’s within the contrustion area, Cleantech, life science and food. the effects of the clusters will be vast opportunities for the region’s bussines to innovate and create new technologies, networks and collaboration between knowlegdeinstitutions around in Denmark.

It is Erhvervshus Sjælland that has coordinated the effort, and there is joy to be found here:

“First of all, it is nice that region Zealand is becoming part of the cluster structure. But the most important thing is that the clusters will contribute to creating growth in companies in Region Zealand. The clusters will also bring companies from region Zealand closer to national and international networks, and those opportunities should not be underestimated”, points out Mads Váczy Kragh, director of Erhvervshus Zealand.

Cooperation created the basis for business clusters

When it became clear that no clusters were being established in the Zealand region, the municipalities, the region and the business center quickly got together to find a solution. In dialogue with the RUC, the Zealand Development Alliance and not least the Danish Ministry of Education and Research, they came together to ensure the establishment of clusters in the Zealand region.

“The fact that four business clusters are established in the region is a victory for constructive cooperation. It shows that when so many relevant parties come together for a common goal, things get moving”, says Niels Hörup, mayor of Solrød Municipality and chairman of KKR Sjælland

The four clusters, CLEAN, life science, Food&Bio and WeBuild, are co-financed by the region’s municipalities. Region Zealand contributes to the financing of the life science cluster. In addition, the Danish Ministry of Education has made a tender for the clusters in Denmark, which is focused on activities in the Zealand region.

The clusters are located at Roskilde University.