SCALE-UP: Reaching almost €29 million of investments

The first half of 2019, the SCALE-UP team hosted another 9 Meet-the Buyer events with large industrials like IKEA, Nouryon, Alfa Laval, Vopak and Anglian Water. After thorough selection, over 50 innovative SMEs we invited to present their market-ready clean tech solutions. This brings the total of innovation meet-ups organised to 52, involving over 565 SMEs.

– Danish Engineering company Danfoss and the energy conglomerate Ørsted met 9 SMEs from across the region presenting solutions ranging from heating systems, nutrient recovery from sludge, and energy management

– UK Housing provider Places for People awarded two providers of intelligent energy management systems a consultancy contract to design local energy systems that increase use of rooftop PV power, while facilitate trading of access energy on wholesale markets

But more importantly, 3 years after project start, the commercial impact of the SCALE-UP approach become visible. The transnational introductions facilitated by SCALE-UP have lead to 17 commercial collaborations, from breakthrough technology pilots to large-scale investments. In total, the project has triggered nearly €29M in investment. 

– The Belgian company Act & Sorb developed technology to convert MDF-waste into active coal and green energy. 

– Ejlskov of Denmark proposed Swerock of Sweden a new method of recycling contaminated soil on-site, avoiding 24,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in avoided transport.

All in all, the SCALE-UP project has experienced an important step forward in this period. Yet, some challenges still exist, such as the number of travel vouchers granted or the upgrade of regional RIS3 strategies. In the next reports, these challenges will be addressed by partners, while still focusing on the main results, outputs and objectives of the project.