19 VIDA projects to 34 SMEs

Over the past six month period, SME applicants submitted 22 Innovation Support Voucher (ISV) proposals, of which 10 are still under review; 15 Validation Voucher (VV) proposals, of which 7 are under review; and 45 Demonstration Voucher (DV) proposals. So far, VIDA has awarded 7 ISV, 4 VV and 8 DV projects to the 34 successful SME’s. Among 8 approved DV projects, 5 of them are cross-sectoral partnerships. After an intensive and successful evaluation process carried out with the support of 20 external experts, the VIDA team, led by VIDA partner CLEAN organised the VIDA Awards Ceremony on July 10th in Copenhagen City Hall so to introduce, recognise and award the winning projects.

All 8 DV and 2 VV awarded projects were presented in a pitch style to the invited public, including external experts and Milena Stoyanova-Colas, the Project Officer in charge of the VIDA project on behalf of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).

In the coming period, the VIDA team looks forward to closely following the different phases of the projects, supporting their overall progress through the VIDA sponsors, and promoting the dissemination of high-end results from these innovative projects.