Greater Copenhagen Green Deal

Greater Copenhagen Green Deal

The Greater Copenhagen Green Deal is a large-scale, 2-year project rooted in the European Green Deal’s ambitious targets to boost the efficient use of resources by moving towards a clean circular economy as well as restore biodiversity and becoming CO2- neutral.

The EU Green Deal plan outlines the investments needed to carry out projects and the financing tools available. It illuminates how to ensure a just and inclusive transition. The Greater Copenhagen Green Deal project is funded by the EU and partly financed by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, aiming at developing innovative solutions, attracting talents and foreign investments to accelerate the green transition in Greater Copenhagen.

With a budget of 1,2 million EUR, the project facilitates new innovative partnerships by bridging the gap between knowledge institutions and public/private stakeholders in a series of unique innovation forums, matchmaking events, and a large international conference.

This project will engage companies, regions, municipalities, and universities in Greater Copenhagen to develop new ideas and collaborative constellations that will identify and address key challenges.

Another aspect of this project is to highlight innovative solutions and products, as well as research strengths in Greater Copenhagen in an international context, in order to attract talent and investment in the long term.

Thus, the project will contribute to increased sustainable growth in Greater Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Green Deal Project Activities

In order to ensure that Europe becomes CO2 neutral by 2050, we will host several workshops that includes introduction to the European Green Deal and how companies, municipalities and research institutions can join forces. In creating these strategic partnerships, we will focus on innovative solutions, and how to apply for funding in the coming EU calls. By participation in one of our 4 workshops you get unique opportunities to get one step closer to working together with key players in the green transition, as well as secure funding for carrying out projects.

Each forum includes three workshops where municipal and regional professionals, researchers, and companies will create innovative ideas for the development of new products and projects. The forums are carried out by our project partners and will include challenges and challenge owners. By working with specific challenges, we ensure that the issues at hand are tangible and relevant for the public partners in the Greater Copenhagen Region.

The four themes of the forums are held in line with their focus on:

  • CO2 Neutrality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Security

These workshops enable the participants to collectively develop and propose innovative solutions within each area this promotes. The overall goal is to create new valuable partnerships within various sectors of business to concrete funding opportunities.

Regarding the attraction of foreign talent, the project focuses on creating international campaigns aimed at attracting foreign talents to collaborate with key organizations. Matchmaking events such as 2022’s Green Deal International Conference promotes the innovative ideas and projects of talented organizations to gain visibility, create partnerships with foreign stakeholders, and connect with investors.

These events provide optimal opportunities to develop new value propositions that can create international interest and attract additional resources in the form of talent and companies to the regional ecosystem concerning green conversion.

Expected outcome of The Green Deal

As part of this, it is expected that strategic partnerships and innovation consortia will be established through the project work, which can be used as a starting point for new projects and solutions within green transition.

The project will also establish Greater Copenhagen as a leader in green transition and continue to attract investment and talent from abroad.

The project will create a space where companies, municipalities, and researchers can come together to discuss the solutions they need, and strategically use tenders so that the region can function as a test bed. Companies will provide green innovative solutions to the needs of public authorities and gain access to leading researchers.

This will pave the way for everyone to be part of the complete development of green solutions in these new collaborative constellations.





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