Global network of 19 cleantech clusters

ICN 2030

The International Cleantech Network (ICN) is a global network of 19 cleantech clusters, with the secretariat based at the offices of CLEAN in Copenhagen, Denmark. ICN clusters are based on the triple helix structure like CLEAN, meaning that their membership consists of companies (primarily SMEs), public authorities, and research institutions. The SMEs of the ICN clusters are on the international forefront of sustainable energy and environment industries and provide innovative technologies to meet the growing global demand for green technologies and sustainable solutions. Through membership of ICN, CLEAN can provide opportunities for businesses to expand their network and associate with project owners outside of Denmark, enabling efficient solution implementation on a global scale.

ICN enables the world’s leading cleantech clusters and their regional ecosystems to collectively develop and implement sustainable solutions that contribute to and stimulate the global green economy.



ICN supports knowledge sharing by sharing news and opportunities amongst its members regarding business tenders, project challenges and other opportunities.



ICN facilitates project development through identifying project opportunities, creating consortia and supporting the writing of applications for projects.



ICN promotes internationalisation through matchmaking between companies, access to the ICN passport service (which is a one-stop entry for companies and clusters wishing to penetrate foreign markets), and partnerships with major organisations such as the C40 network and the World Alliance of Efficient Solutions.




ICN clusters and local members of ICN clusters (cleantech companies, universities etc.) can benefit from the ICN Passport as a way to explore business opportunities abroad, meet new partners, and expand their network. An applicant for the ICN Passport can connect with local key contacts and request assistance when seeking the right project partners or business opportunities at a local ICN cluster in the targeted region. The applicant can expect welcoming offices and be hosted at the work place of another cluster. In 2017, 15 ICN companies applied for the usage of the ICN Passport, and 37 companies applied for the C40 city solutions platform. In 2018 and 2019, matchmaking missions are planned for European cleantech companies to go to New York (US) and Nanjing (China) to support local cleantech projects.



In 2017, ICN facilitated 3 project submissions involving ICN members: The COSME project, DIXHEAT for retrofitting district heating systems, and Switch Africa Green for cluster development in South Africa. The COSME project application successfully resulted in a grant of 450.000€ for five ICN clusters, whereas the Switch Africa Green project was put on the EU Commission’s reserve list. Last year, ICN co-organised cluster workshops and networking events in New York City and Barcelona to share best practice amongst the clusters. ICN has held annual meetings in South Africa, France, and the United States providing a physical context for clusters to meet, to learn new expertise and to share business opportunities.



ICN strives to develop partnerships that provide access to a wide array of opportunities. Our latest partnerships are with Urban Future Lab based in New York City and with the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, an initiative established by the Solar Impulse Foundation.


TWEED — Cluster Technologie Wallonne Energie –  Environnement et Développement durable
Nordic Edge
Clean Tech Delta
Sustainable Business Hub