Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies


Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies (Inno-MT)

About the network

Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies’ (Inno-MT) goal is to promote environmental technology innovation in the Danish environmental technology sector, with particular focus on increasing exports, growth and employment in Danish SMEs. Inno-MT works to promote innovation of new solutions and services across our four focus areas of Soil resources and nutrient cycling, Clean air technology, Efficient resource use and Water treatment and water supply. This is achieved through matchmaking, knowledge sharing, Internationalisationand entrepreneurship activities.

Background information
Denmark is a leading country when it comes to environmental technologies and is home to a wide range of companies with extensive know-how about environmental solution. This is partly the case because of the country’s continous support for technology innovation.  In order to strengthen cooperation between companies and researchers within the field of environmental technology, a range of actors, including four technological service institutes and three universities, took the initiative to start the Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies (Inno-MT).

The founders of Inno-MT comprise of:

Inno-MT was formed in December 2010 with a 14 million DKK fund from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. In 2014 Inno-MT received 27.4 million DKK to continue the work until 2018. The network currently has 164 members, divided across GTS institutes, universities, public authorities and private companies. Inno-MT’s secretariat is located at CLEAN in the center of Copenhagen, in order to provide the best services for our members.

Focus areas
Inno-MT focuses on technologies, which help solve key social challenges in the field of environmental technology. The network’s four primary focus areas are:

  1. Soil resources and nutrient cycling
  2. Clean air technology
  3. Efficient use of resources:
  4. Water treatment and water supply

Inno-MT develops activities based on the members’ interests and needs. All activities are structured around our four focus areas. Broadly, Inno-MT’s activities can be arranged under the following headings:

  • Innovation Projects
  • Technology Outlooks
  • Technology Demands
  • Events

Innovation Projects
A key activity in Inno-MT is the funding of innovation projects or “bubble projects”.  Inno-MT provides its members with the opportunity to apply for financial support to kick-offthe innovation process through the so-called ‘innovation projects’. An innovation project can contain all kinds of technology development or service innovations within the field of environmental technology. Thus, Inno-MT’s members have ongoing opportunities to develop projects within the framework of the Innovation Project-license and can receive 100,000 to 400,000 DKK for counseling and technological assistance.

A list of finished and ongoing projects can be found in Danish here.

Technology Outlooks and Analyses
Technology outlooks and analyses are important elements in Inno-MT’s activities since it is here future research and market opportunities are identified. Consequently, the focus areas chosen are those where members see opportunities and/or demands for improvements and innovation. The work is carried out by members and should result in recommendations for specific technology development projects.

A list of finished and ongoing technology outlooks can be found in Danish here.

Technology Demand
A new activity in Inno-MT is the funding of “Technology Demands”. The funding provides innovation projects involving small and medium sized companies and universities. Technology Demand is aimed companies with either a demanded technological knowledge or companies with environmental challenges. A Technology Demand is subsidized with 150.000 DKK for counseling and technological assistance.

Workshops are a main activity in Inno-MT. Inno-MT is frequently arranging events related to new analyses or knowledge, or workshops, where the aim is to shed light on new scientific challenges/opportunities that relate to the members of Inno-MT. Besides, whether it is seminars, workshops or conferences, all Inno-MT’s events have an element of matchmaking and focus on the opportunity for members to meet potential partners.

Visit our event calender here.

Inno-MT is a triple helix partnership with the participation of private companies and organizations, research, training and knowledge institutions as well as public authorities, public undertakings and other public organizations.

Inno-MT currently has 164 members, divided into companies, the GTS institutes, universities and research institutes, organizations and authorities.

Se a complete list of our members here.

The network admits everyone who is interested in the network’s focus areas and in participating in the network’s work and activities. You are also more than welcome to participate in one of the network’s activities without joining.


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