Innovative plastic sorting and reprocessing solution

Innovative sorting and reprocessing solution for plastic waste from Danish households


Despite the political attention and large commercial potential of separation and recycling of waste plastics, the recycling of plastics is only done to a limited extent today. It is estimated, that about 440,500 tons of plastic waste is gathered in Denmark a year. Out of these about 310,000 tons are incinerated, while about 131,500 tons are shipped abroad for processing and resale. Only about 3% of the plastic waste from households and 40% of industrial waste is actually sorted and recycled.

The project aims to create a market for plastic recycling, so that is not necessary to send Danish plastic abroad. The project builds on the recommendations of the Innovation Platform for Plastics, which CLEAN conducted in 2013 with participation from more than 100 Danish plastics companies and experts in the field.

The conclusions from the platform were clear; there is a lot of business potential for Danish companies to establish a project for a best-of-the-art plastic sorting and reprocessing solution. The challenges include; a lack of an overall supply of plastic waste from households and companies, but also uncertainty concerning the resale of the reprocessed plastic.



CLEAN has taken the initiative to develop an innovative tender in cooperation with other public stakeholders. The tender aims to develop a state-of-the-art plastic sorting and reprocessing plant. Important requirements for this plant is that it should improve on the current standards so that recycled plastic can be recycled at a price, quality and in a quantity that is actually attractive to companies that use recycled plastic in their production.

CLEAN has, after intensive studies arrived at two primary reasons for the aforementioned deficiency. Firstly, potential investors are reluctant due to uncertainty as to whether there are sufficient quantities of waste plastic sorting. Secondly, there is not enough incentive to sort waste for local authorities and stakeholders in public renovation. These reasons together form a locked situation where CLEAN – with our triple helix approach – has a key role in solving the problem.



Publication of tender documents

21 September 2018 the tender documents has been sent to the participating consortia. The publication of the tender documents marks the end of the dialogue phase and the beginning of the quotation phase. 

Next step

9 November 2018 is the deadline for submission of offers in the tender. The winning consortium will be announced in 2019. 

Find out more about documents and conditions HERE.


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