Cross-regional Partnership Building for Circular Economy in Plastic and Packaging

Cross-regional Partnership Building for Circular Economy in Plastic and Packaging

Join this workshop to build partnerships, actions and projects addressing cross-regional challenges in plastic and packaging

At this workshop, you will be introduced to circularity challenges and priorities common to Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Portugal. This way, you will gain an understanding of new opportunities as well as innovation, knowledge and technology from other regions.

Together with innovative SMEs, knowledge institutions, public actors and other experts, you will co-develop joint actions and projects to address cross regional challenges.

The discussion topics for the workshop will be: 

  • Material choices and packaging design: How to make the right material and design choices?
  • Reuse systems for food packaging: Implementation and scaling of reuse systems/infrastructures and business models for packaging?  
  • Citizen behavior: How to create incentives, nudging and societal structures for reuse?
  • Extended Producer Responsibility: How can producers implement take back systems?
  • Traceability and digital solutions for sorting: Opportunities and potentials from innovative solutions / How to implement and scale new systems?
  • Chemical recycling: How to advance the technology and secure feedstock of plastics which are not suitable for reuse or mechanical recycling?



  • Introduction to the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan and joint priorities and challenges
  • Inspirational speakers: Topic experts and innovators present inspirational cases or broad project ideas for each discussion topic
  • Group work: You will work in cross-regional groups to discuss:  
    • Are there already existing projects/initiatives/solutions within the priority areas, and can they be replicated in other regions?
    • Co-development of new projects and initiatives through international collaboration
  • Presentation of project ideas and feedback
  • Wrap-up and next steps for project development 


The workshop is part of the project 3R Connect – Reduce, Reuse and Rethink. The project is funded by the European Union and facilitated by CLEAN, Flux50 and Smart Waste Portugal. The purpose of the project is to: 

  • Map and analyze regional capacities and potentials for circular economy 
  • Identify key value chains, technologies and innovation areas 
  • Develop plans for new cross-regional projects focusing on R&D, matchmaking, new value chains, capacity building, knowledge exchange, pilot & demonstration, public procurement etc. 


To read more about the project, click here  

The activity is co-funded by the Danish Board of Business Development, the European Union and the Danish Agency for Education and Research.


27. november kl. 10:00 - 12:00


Emilie Kamuk Christiansen
+45 2960 3918